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I am currently a junior studying Computer Science at Drexel University, where I am part of the Honors Program under the Pennoni Honors College. This summer, I was doing a Software Engineering Internship at Google - I was working on an internal tool in YouTube Ads, that improved engineering productivity by upto 91%. In Spring 2019, I was in Princeton University on exchange, where I took advanced courses in computer science.

Since high school, I have a deep interest in solving complex problems using computer algorithms. In 2019, I transferred from The University of Hong Kong to Drexel University. In the past, I've represented The University of Hong Kong regionally in Association for Computing Machinery's ICPC competitive programming competitions. I also enjoy teaching this stuff, and that's why I'm was a teaching assistant for Computer Programming in Python, and Everyday Computing & Internet (at HKU).

Other than this, I have a keen interest in software development, and I have worked on Javascript (Node, Vue, Angular and Express) and Python as a research assistant under Professor Ricky Kwok (at HKU). Furthermore, I have also done some cool projects. Moreover, in 2016, I was among the top 25 students in India to be selected for the International Olympiad in Informatics training camp, where I studied about data structures and algorithms from the finest Computer Science professors across India.


Drexel University

Sept 17' - May 21'

I’m currently a junior in my undergraduate degree in computer science here - in the city of Philadelphia. Right in the middle of the city, it's a unique experience to be part of such a vibrant community on campus.

Princeton University

Jan 19' - Jul 19'

I was selected as the only student from the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Hong Kong for a semester long exchange at Princeton University. I travelled to New Jersey in the spring of 2019, and did advanced courses in computer science. With such a beautiful campus, it was just a beautiful experience!

KAIST, South Korea

Jul 18' - Aug 18'

I travelled to South Korea to study for a summer program in KAIST, where I did Discrete Mathematics. It was a wonderful experience, and South Korea is a beautiful country with a vividly amazing culture. The most difficult part was to speak Korean to the locals, but apart from that - it was an unforgettable trip.

The University of Hong Kong

Sept 17' - Dec 18'

I did the first couple of years of my undergraduate studies in computer science here - in the city of Hong Kong. It was a vividly amazing experience. Over the time that I’ve spent here – I’ve learnt, researched, created amazing projects and walked a lot!

Leadership Development Program, Philippines

Jun 18' - Jul 18'

I attended a leadership development program organised by Common Purpose in Manila, Philippines where we had some fun workshops, followed by a month-long internship in a non-profit organization. I experienced a totally different culture in the Philippines and exponentially increased my cultural intelligence here.

IISER Kolkata

Nov 16' - Dec 16'

I was selected among the top 0.01% students from all over India for the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana scholarship, where I attended a pure sciences training camp in the city of Kolkata.

Chennai Mathematical Institute

Jan 17' - Feb 17'

I was selected among the top 25 programmers from all over India for the International Olympiad in Informatics training camp, which was organised in Chennai Mathematical Institute in beautiful Indian city of Chennai. The coursework included advanced data structures and algorithms.

Delhi Public School, New Delhi

May 06' - May 16'

I attended my high school here, in the centre of India - New Delhi. A beautiful place to learn, the school was founded in 1949.



Dec 18'

Developed a movie booking website, with user login, a seat booking page (showing the available seats), commenting, and movie history using PHP and mySQL. Then recreated all the functionalities in Express and MongoDB.

Google Text To Speech

Apr 18'

Worked with Google Cloud API to build a real-time speech-to-text script on NodeJS and SocketIO. Built for Teli at The University of Hong Kong to help converting Cantonese text to speech to help out in accessibility of huge array of softwares built for students.


Aug 16'

WordYoga is the 4 letter game that everyone's been addicted to! I developed this game in PHP when I was in my high school - something which made me popular for a day or two. :)

Fast Learn

Apr 17'

Developed for a 48-hour hackathon in CodeIgniter, FastLearn is a machine learning based learning system which generates questions from a given text. After lots of coffee, I managed to implement a buzzer system for in-class quizzes on the platform. It won the 2nd prize.

Tech Junction

Jan 15' - Feb 16'

As a high-school student I was very passionate with technology and the latest gadgets, hence I came up with this blog where I regularly posted my opinions about the latest gadgets in the market. The blog was insanely famous and was listed among the top 10 most-visited tech blogs in India in 2015.

Alfa Tutors

Sept 16'

A platform connecting students and tutors, I developed this website in Bootstrap, and CodeIgniter using PHP. Was choosen as the best open source platform in several inter-school events. Moreover, it was also choosen as the best designed website in 2 inter-school events.


I love travelling and experiencing different cultures. I've travelled for fun, work and studies to South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Thailand and India. Before coming to Hong Kong for my undergraduate studies, I was a high student at Delhi Public School in New Delhi (India) where I was among the 0.01% students from all over India who were awarded the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana scholarship by the Government of India for showing excellent aptitude in research.

There’s so much stuff I love apart from programming. Deeply passionate about cricket – I’m great at hitting the ball out of the field. Tennis and badminton are the two games I can play any time. When it comes to movies, novels and TV shows – I love watching and reading intriguing stuff which makes me think deeply afterwards. Moreover, as the editor of the media team of Shun Hing College, I manage their blog. And oh – I also like writing my opinions on Quora.